Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.  How is the e-book product delivered?

The e-book product is delivered via download in Adobe's PDF format. It is not restricted from printing or being copied to a notebook computer, PDA, or other device convenient for the purchaser to read from.

2.  What if I lose my receipt but decide I want a refund?

Purchase records from this site are kept up-to-date to the best of the author and publisher's ability, and finding your date of purchase may be possible by providing your name, approximate date of purchase, and the last four digits of the credit card used. Purchases made at other sites through affiliate programs may require other information, and warranty periods offered by affiliates are generally limited to 90 days by the affiliate program, not by the affiliate or Use Your Head Publications, Inc., so purchases through affiliates are governed by the rules of the affiliate organizer, i.e., "Clickbank."

3.  What if I have a problem with a download or fail to save my copy of the product once received?

Simply e-mail and explain what you did. A replacement copy will be e-mailed to you as soon as your request is received. We depend on happy customers to help expand our business and will go to extraordinary lengths to ensure customer satisfaction.

4.  How to I view PDF files?

If you double-click on the product in any file browser window and it does not open, it is likely that you do not have Adobe's free Acrobat Reader installed. Simply go to and look for the Adobe Reader button and click it. Then follow the instructions on that page and it will be downloaded and installed on your computer. You will then be able to view any PDF file from any source as long as you are authorized by its author to do so. (Some documents, but not those transmitted by or Use Your Head Publications, Inc., are password protected.)

5.  How can I get a question answered?

Questions about the contents of products can be e-mailed to and will be answered promptly. Other questions may be e-mailed to the same address; if it is determined that the question is too involved to be answered by e-mail, the reader will be instructed on how to arrange for a for-fee counseling session.

6.  What are in the blog and newsletters?

The blog and newsletters are advanced topics meant for readers of "How to Be Attractive to the Woman You Love" to expand their knowledge and expertise. Others may also gain valuable knowledge from them, but not so much as those who have read the aforementioned book. The content of the newsletters and blog is provided free of charge, with no warranty of any kind, and the reader assumes full responsibility for its interpretation and use.

7.  Will products from help me in my dating life?

While products currently focus on committed relationships and marriage, any valid information that will help a man understand women will help in your dating life.

8. I am a woman. Is there anything for me to gain from reading "How to Be Attractive to the Woman You Love"?

A significant portion of our sales is to women who are trying to learn what a good man looks like so they can find him and be with him. Another significant portion of our sales is to women who recognize that their husband's behavior could be improved, but have been unable to effectively communicate their desires to him. In the latter case, be advised that if a man won't acknowledge that he needs improvement, he will not make the effort to improve, and that is part of the reason for the full year warranty on the product, to give a woman time to persuade her husband that he does indeed have room for improvement.  Other women have reported learning much about themselves and much about communicating with men that they never knew. Our suggestion is to read it and then decide if it was worth the purchase price. As of this date, there have still been no refund requests, but as previously stated, we are extremely customer-oriented and will promptly service any request for a refund in hopes of earning customer confidence for future business.

9.  Is there an ideal age for reading "How to Be Attractive to the Woman You Love"?

According to our readers, old enough to be dating is old enough to be reading this book. Some have even stated that they felt it should be required reading in high school because it prepares a person to select a good relationship as well as maintain one, among other things. We agree, since the failure of most marriages in the first three to five years of the relationship are due to gross incompatibility of the two people involved, and those after that period are due to poor communication and gross lack of understanding of the opposite sex, all of which are thoroughly and accurately addressed in this book in "lay" terms. Anyone reading on an eighth-grade level should be able to easily interpret and use the entire contents of this book.

10.  Can all relationships be saved?

Emphatically, NO. Some relationships, those in which there is gross incompatibility between the participants, often cannot be saved because saving them requires too much radical change in the participants to become compatible. Severe incompatibility of values, goals, preferences, etc., are a source of conflict, and while occasional conflict can be expected in any relationship, constant conflict born of the constant struggle to negotiate and compromise between incompatible needs is a no-win situation. That is why the first quarter of this book is dedicated to performing a thorough and accurate assessment of your relationship to see if it can be fixed, and if it cannot, resources are provided to help you and your partner move on to a happier life with finesse, friendship, and dignity instead of fighting like cats and dogs.